Last week I went to my son’s third grade class to do a workshop on percussion. We had a great time experimenting with different types of percussion instruments, learning about the differences between membranophones and idiophones, and attempting (and succeeding!) to play some simple group rhythms. The best part of doing the Art Docent role for his class is the post-workshop feedback I get. Check these out:

The rhythm is awesome.

I like how he could play different kinds of instruments.

He could switch instruments really quickly.

He’s good at the beat and the rhythm to keep it steady.

I remember the song you made in first grade.

It must take a lot of practice to be really good at it.

He knew so many different kinds of music – from different time periods and different styles.

The cow bell was really hard to play without a mallet.

I like how he played the drums. It was really loud.

How can somebody keep a beat with you? It’s really fast.

I liked how we beat the closets. It made a good beat.

The punk rock picture was really embarrassing.

Did you try to embarrass Calder?

Music Madness!

You are really good at the drums.

I liked the drum I played.  It was membrane.

I liked playing the closet.

I really liked playing the xylophone.

The closet really hurt.

I liked playing the boom whackers.

I loved it! It was loud!

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