“Wired” Press Roundup #1

In anticipation of tomorrow’s release of our new disc, “Wired,” here is a round up of pre-release press for the John Vanderslice-produced effort:

GeekMom: http://geekmom.com/2014/06/recess-monkey-review/

Video launch on BOINGBOING

DadBloggers: http://www.dadbloggers.net/new-music-recess-monkey-to-release-wired-june-17th/

Rated4andup: http://rated4andup.com/new-music-recess-monkey-release-wired-june-17th

MommasBacon: http://mommasbacon.com/2014/06/16/recess-monkey-wired-cd-all-ages/

Zooglobble: http://www.zooglobble.com/blog/2014/6/12/video-wired-recess-monkey

NAEYC.com: http://families.naeyc.org/songs



Babysue: http://babysue.com/2014-June-LMNOP-Reviews.html#anchor22334


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