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What an experience! Grammy photos!

My boy and I had an amazing week in LA with the other boys! Added bonus: my brother, who I’ve been watching the Grammy’s with since MJ debuted the Moonwalk got to come along for the ride with his lady! We didn’t win, but the experience was AMAZING!

What the GRAMMY nomination?!?!?!

Holy moly!

What a way to wake up! Rolled over in bed this morning to hit snooze and was greeted by a hundred texts of “congratulations.” For what, I wondered. Recess Monkey’s album Novelties has been nominated for a GRAMMY! Like a real life GRAMMY for Best Children’s Album! I’m in total shock. Been shaking and giggling uncontrollably all day!

This is sure to be a wild ride, stay tuned…


New Recess Monkey CD “Novelties” is here!

Holy smokes! Our new CD is here and it is available ONLY on or at one of our shows. If you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber… GOOD NEWS! You already have it to stream for FREE! Not a Prime member or love having that disc in your hands? Order a copy here: NOVELTIES, YO!



“Wired” Music Video

I’ve never loved being on camera, but making this video made me feel like throwing up in an all-new way…

“Wired” Press Roundup #1

In anticipation of tomorrow’s release of our new disc, “Wired,” here is a round up of pre-release press for the John Vanderslice-produced effort:


Video launch on BOINGBOING









Check out the video for “Shrimp” from our Deep Sea Diver disc that comes out… TODAY!

Entertainment Weekly Video Debut

It has been a busy month. Tomorrow Recess Monkey’s CD releases, woot! And today, Entertainment Weekly debuted the most recent video from the album, for the song “Shrimp.” Check it!